"As the photographers that founded the concept of "Studijoe Photography" We envisioned our future as photographers of passion and recorders of history. Our love for photography started for us at an early age, and when time came to pass, We realized that photography is our future, and Studijoe will be our legacy.

While traveling the world, working as cruise ship photographers, we came to see that all around the world people have different connections to the photographs they view, we then decided to come home to South Africa and share our experiences with everyone we photograph, vowing to give them that true connection and meaning of what a photograph should be to a person.

We all have that desire to have memories, but the question is always how do we make them last... We can show you, because in our hearts we believe that memories deserve to be recorded." - The Studijoe Team

We believe in true client care and we understand the hassle of finding a photographer to suit your exact needs, with that in mind, we strive to keep it all as easy as possible, but at the same time we want to exceed your biggest expectations.


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